Player evaluation

Call of War

MRN NEI_ – Fair play. Great communications. Solidly Loyal Ally

Manstein99 – Fair play. Great communications.

Brion_ – Fair play. Great communications.

Astral80- Fair play. Great communications.

Sir Erick2000 – Fair play. Much communications. – Fair play. Great communications.

AnthonySS- Can not be trusted. Attack while in negotiation

Andrew_Krak – Kick me out of alliance without notice and reason – then attack. Ignore communication

LOVETHEP-51 – Does not respect territories for members within his own alliance. Ignore communication

Borgas – Has betrayed his coalition partner.

501sr – Has betrayed his coalition partner.

Lotus78 – Has betrayed his coalition partner.

Supremacy 1914

Winged Hussar – Fair play. Fine communications.

Sir Teufel Hunde – Fair play. Fine communications.

dylan30120 – Fair play. Fine communications.

Historyfelon – Fair play. Much communications.

Razzieboy – Announces repeatedly that he is bored. When he then is attacked, he will be offended

Prescott5 – Attack while in negotiation

Paul Von Ludendorff – Has betrayed his coalition partner.

CyanideSandwich – Has betrayed his coalition partner.

Thirty Kingdoms

(This game are discontinued)


Loch Rannoch



John Lyden

Mfncff – Fair play. Much communications. Trying with diplomacy to get players against each other

Airison – Untrustworthy. Keeps not strategic agreements

Nervien de Belgique ? (3.part experience)